5 Discreet Self Defense Tools for Women That'll Ward off Any Attacker

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Walking around with a metal baton on your waist isn’t for everyone. After all, you’re not a security guard. You’re just trying to go out for a night on the town with your friends and a metal bar simply doesn’t pair well with your cocktail dress, heels, and new chic clutch.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to subject yourself to feeling vulnerable or worse, risk finding yourself in a dangerous situation with no means of protection. Instead, all you need are some discreet self defense tools that are powerfully effective.


Stun Gun Disguised in a Vape

This little pink vaporizer looks like e-cigarette or vape but it’s actually a non-lethal weapon that’ll stop, or rather, shock an attacker in his tracks. The vaporizer stun gun may be tiny but don’t be fooled, it packs a lot of punch. In fact, this stun gun for women has the same amount of power that is typically found in stun devices twice its size.

We love this weapon for women because you can keep it in your hands or on your body in an accessible place at all times, without inconvenience.


A Stunning Keychain… Literally

The best self-defense stun guns for women are the ones that attach to a keychain because they're easy to access at times of need.  The Smack stun gun has a powerful stun capacity despite being half the size of other stun gun devices. It also has a built-in charger and also dubs as an LED flashlight, so you never have to worry. It's the ultimate stun gun to have on you when in parking garages, walking home at night, entering your apartment building at night, and basically, anytime you’re walking from point A to point B.


Hiding a Stun Gun Perfume in your Purse

We love the Perfume Protector stun gun for women because it’s also incredibly discreet, yet exceptionally powerful. With a simple touch of a button, you can shock an attacker for three to five seconds, causing them to drop to their knees as you run for help. Even once the muscle contractions stop, the attacker will be left confused and disoriented for a couple more seconds. So, this self-defense tool is definitely a must. Plus, it’s super cute and can easily fit in your clutch, handbag or pocket.


Petite Pepper Spray in a Perfume Bottle

To everyone else, this self-defense tool looks like a miniature perfume bottle but to you, it’s your non-lethal weapon. Despite being petite and pretty in pink, this pepper spray for women is fierce. Simply remove the cap, spray and repel your attacker in seconds. The discreet design also gives you the upper-hand, as you’ll have the element of surprise – a surprise that is 46% stronger than other brands. Now that’s chic!


A Push of a Panic Button

Every woman in the world should own a panic alarm button. It’s the one device that will instantly bring all sorts of attention your way – and the kind of attention no attacker wants. So, it’s an excellent self-defense tool to have on you at all times.

Now, you likely rely on your car alarm button as a panic button but the two are incomparable. The Panic Alarm is significantly louder and can be activated with a simple squeeze. There’s no need to search for the tiny ‘alarm’ button hidden between the lock and unlock button. Just squeeze and ward off your attacker.

This self-defense tool also attaches to your keys, purse, clothing or can be held in your hand as it’s small, discreet, but incredibly outrageous when you need it to be.


Ladies, don’t fear. With these self-defense tools for women, you’ll be sending attackers running in the opposite direction. Often times, you won’t even have to use them, as the sheer thought of being shocked with a stun gun, sprayed with pepper spray or ostracized by a loud alarm is enough. Shop Prepare and Protect Products today and enjoy your nights out with the ladies knowing you have all the protection you need.