5 Powerful Ways to Defend your Home and Family without a Gun

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As a homeowner, the fear of burglary is inevitable. You’ve made a huge investment and you want to ensure it remains in the same condition as when you bought it. However, the fear turns into absolute panic when you think of your home being burglarized while your family is present. The feeling only gets worse when you realize you don’t have, nor do you want to have a gun in your home. However, there are several ways you can defend your home and protect your family without a gun, many of which will ward off an intruder long before they even get close to entering your home.


Keep your Doors and Windows Locked

It’s crazy to think that in 2017, people still need to be told to keep their doors and windows locked. However, it’s easy to mistaken the comfort of home for safety within the neighborhood.

So, change your family habits and start locking everything as soon as you enter or exit the home. Even if you’re running inside for 5 minutes, lock the door. Most home intruders watch the house they intend to victimize for long periods of time to find out one’s habits, schedule, and other elements that’ll make it easier to burglarize. So, don’t give them the opportunity to walk right in.   


Install Door Alarms for Affordable Home Protection

A home security system is expensive to install, and even more expensive to maintain once the monthly bills come in. So, despite being incredibly effective as protecting your home, they aren’t always plausible.

Door alarms are the next best thing and they cost a fraction of the price. In fact, you can add a door alarm to every door in your house and still be under the total cost of installing and maintaining a house alarm. However, you really only need this self-defense tool on entry doors, making it even more affordable. There are also styles that come with a light that flashes when the alarm is activated which are perfect for windows that nearby neighbors can see. 


Purchase Non-Lethal Weapons

It’s highly recommended to have a weapon you can use to defend yourself and your family, in case an intruder gets past the alarms and into your home. As such, it’s highly recommended to equip your family with non-lethal weapons.

Pepper spray is one of the best self-defense tools, as you can ward off an attacker from a distance. Unlike stun devices, there’s no need for close contact. However, stun guns are also an excellent self-defense tool to have hidden in your home in case an intruder is close. A quick zap and they’ll drop to their knees, allowing you and your family to run and escape your home as needed.

prepare, protect, protection, self defense, non-lethal, awareness, safety, intruder, burglary

Place Batons in Safe Rooms

For added protection – and forceful hitting tools – batons are an excellent self-defense tool to have in your home. However, you want to ward off intruders and not your family and friends, so having metal batons scattered around your house may not be the best idea. It could also be dangerous for your family depending on the ages of your children.

Instead, designate safe rooms for your family to go to in the case of an emergency and have batons in those areas. You don’t want the batons near the front door, as the intruder can use them to their defense. So, hide them in drawers in the master bedroom or underneath the sink to give you added protection and fight, if need be.  


Install Exterior Motion Censored Lights

A surefire way to deter an intruder from entering your home is to install exterior motion sensor lights. The key is to strategically place them in areas that cover all entryways while also covering a large portion of the surrounding areas.

The quicker the lights get activated by an intruder, the quicker they’ll take off because the last thing they want is to be seen. So, don’t underestimate this indirect means of protection.  


Prepare and protect your home and family today with these self-defense tools. They're affordable yet powerful ways to ward off intruders, and keep your loved ones safe.